Live Engraving Events & Activations

Live engraving services include us, the engravers, coming to an event of yours to personally engrave gifts for guests. This service is offered for various events; concerts, festivals, conventions, premiers, gifting suites, corporate events, product launches, and so much more. Guests have a positive fun experience during this time.

Clients love this type of exciting activation – because each guest walks away with their own unique, personalized gift!

What to gift guests at a live engraving event

When clients book our live engraving services, they choose what items they would like to gift their guests and have personalized. We can engrave your product, or provide you with a custom item. We offer a wide variety of exciting and impressive gift items that we can engrave.

You can choose from glassware such as a wine glass, champagne flute, beer mug, etc or you can choose to give out personalized keychains, candles, perfumes, awards/trophies of some sort, frames to be engraved, anything you’d like!

More about live engraving services/events:

We offer live engraving all over California, we have had events anywhere from San Francisco down to San Diego and in between. Our rates for our live engraving services vary depending on location, choice of gift items needed, hours, etc.

For more information on live engraving and possibly having us engrave at your next event or activation, give us a call or send us an email and we will answer any questions that you may have.

Live Engraving

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